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The key is to Detox, Not to Botox

Updated: Jan 28

Natural Anti-aging without Botox

Botox or fillers are becoming increasingly popular, and many people are starting to view them as standard anti-aging treatments. Is it truly the only solution for saggy skin?

What causes Aging skin?

Wrinkles, sagging, puffiness, bloating, sunken cheeks, double chin, dullness, roughness, large pores, brown spots—we'll discuss brown spots (hyperpigmentation, sunspots, melasma, liver spots) another time and focus on other aging conditions for now.

What causes these conditions? Simply aging? Yes, but some people show more signs than others. What are the differences?

We accumulate stress and tension in our body and skin

Initially, it might be emotional stress leading to tension in the neck and shoulders. The stiffness interferes with otherwise healthy blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, resulting in the accumulation of more waste in our system.

As your neck and shoulders stiffen, so does your head. You may experience tension headaches due to poor circulation, waste buildup, and muscles not receiving proper nutrients, leading to aging conditions.

Aging is the result of poor circulation

Poor nutrition or health conditions also dramatically influence aging. However, no matter how healthy your diet is, if your neck, shoulders, head, and face are stiff and stagnant, your skin may show signs of aging.

Face Yoga, facial exercises, or facial massages are popular solutions for such issues.

However, excessive facial massage can overly stretch skin tissues.

While Gua sha massage seems popular, the strong pressure on the skin can sometimes cause broken capillaries. As sensitive skincare specialists, we do not recommend its use for facial massage.

Importance of facial massage

Since the head and body are interconnected, not only facial massage but also head and neck massages and overall body rejuvenation are effective in maintaining healthy skin. For more advanced yet gentle treatment, laser facials or IPL Photofacial, when followed by these therapies, will produce optimal results.

Our approach at Puresthetique

How Do We Do It?

At Puresthetique, we offer a holistic beauty spa menu, including the "Purest Essential Facial" a total natural and custom facial called "Ayurvedic Botanical Facial" and "Endospheres Facial" which provides lymphatic massage without pulling or damaging skin tissues.

We also provide "Head & Neck Therapy" for persistent neck pain, stiffness, headaches, and upper body rejuvenation, as well as "Endospheres Body Therapy" for full-body rejuvenation and lymphatic stimulation.

All of these treatments are incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating.

When nothing seems effective, try these detoxifying treatments.

We ensure our products are clean, natural, and non-toxic to protect your skin and the planet.

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