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Laser hair removal ,永久脱毛 ,IPL hair removal,Brazilian bikini laser,


::: Gentle for Sensitive Skin :::

Plant based Makeup Remover & Aftercare Serum 

::: Safe for All Skin types including Tanned :::

We have the systems for all skin types.

::: Premier quality Laser Systems :::

with Cynosure's Alex and Yag plus Cryo Therapy 

::: Private and Relaxing :::

Private room with fresh Aroma therapy 

::: Experienced with knowledge :::

We have treated over 15,000 cases


with us

**This service is for female only.

Mix use of multiple areas

Laser hair removal ,永久脱毛 ,IPL hair removal,Brazilian bikini laser,
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Using the most advanced laser system in the world, Puresthetique offers fast, effective and safe results in permanent hair removal.


Laser Hair removal is the most effective permanent hair removal, faster than IPL or electrolysis. It also improves the skin condition and is the best solution for ingrown hair and acne as it destroys the hair follicle, shrinking the pores.Your skin will be smooth and rejuvenated.

Laser hair removal works by targeting the dark pigment of hair right at the root and destroying it on contact.  


The light energy that passes through is absorbed by the melanin, or pigment, in your hair follicles, disabling the follicle and permanently impairing the hair’s ability to grow back.

At Puresthetique salon, we have selected Cynosure's Elite Aesthetic Workstation, the most comprehensive laser hair removal system available today. Since it's designed for all skin types, we can treat the broadest range of clients including tanned skin. Its revolutionary technology combines two optimal wavelengths in one system: the 755-nm Alexandrite laser and the 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser.


The 755-nm wavelength has high melanin absorption characteristics and proven long-term results for permanent hair reduction for finer hair on pale skin.


The high-powered 1064-nm Nd:YAG is the safest wavelength for permanent hair reduction on darker skin types and tanned skin. It is also the wavelength of choice for treatment of facial rejuvenation(Laser Skin Tightening facial).​

The Elite delivers high fluence from large spot sizes-ensuring deeper penetration, faster treatment sessions and optimal results.Unlike equipment with predetermined parameters, the Elite includes a variety of spot sizes and adjustable pulse durations-allowing to customize treatments to accommodate clients' specific needs.

With over 10,000 cases treated, at Puresthetique, you can rest assured that you will see the result you expected and also much much more benefit to your skin by the end of the course.

We formulate and create most of the skincare products in house or organic manufactures from the makeup remover to the post-treatment serum as well as the sanitizer and the disinfectant used in the salon avoiding the use of unnecessary harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives that are unhealthy to both humans and the planet.  . 




::: LHR(Laser Hair Removal) :::   

*** The only permanent hair removal 

Melanin absorption of  Alexandrite (755 nm) lasers are still the best choice for fair skin. However, post laser pigmentation can happen on some skins so caution is required.

The duration of treatment varies greatly. This depends on the body regions to be treated. 


Nd: YAG (1064 nm) lasers, due to the longer wavelength, partially absorb melanin but deeper penetrance is achieved. It is also safely utilized in dark-skinned patients.

The wavelength emitted during the treatment is 1064 nm. The melanin in the hair reacts very well to this wavelength. Particularly gentle to the skin. Due to the specific wavelength, it is particularly suitable for the permanent removal of hair on darker skin types.


::: IPL :::

Epilation via IPL (590–1200 nm) sources using different filters are reported to be as successful as laser systems as a result of a thermal effect, with a risk of erythema, burn and pigmentation.


IPL has the advantage of lower cost and larger spot size enabling more rapid treatment, but a greater number of treatment sessions are required to achieve satisfying results.

The light strikes the skin and is passed through the hair to the root of the hair.

The problem is the treatment of very light hair, because they lack the necessary melanin. The IPL method is best for people with dark hair and fair skin.


::: SHR :::

A super hair removal (SHR) mode for IPL system requires less energy than comparable depilatory techniques. The energy is only passed on to 50% by the dye melanin, the remaining 50% of the energy act on the stem cells. These are responsible for the nutrition of the hair root. The protein in the stem cells denatures. In consequence they can no longer provide the hair roots with nutrients. With the advantage of fewer side effects than the usual IPL.  treatment of all skin types and all hair color is becoming possible.

The SHR hair removal procedure has the potential to be long-lasting but is not truly permanent. 

SHR hair removal  has a lesser amount of discomfort than conventional IPL hair removal. But compared to Laser(Alex/Yag) with Cryo cooling system, SHR is sometimes documented as more painful.

::: NPL :::

NPL is a lineage of IPL which minimized the risk of IPL by retaining low heat in the bulge area making it possible to safely treat any hair types, skin types, ages. However, the result is not permanent and ongoing touch up is required. 

::: THR :::

THR is another lineage of IPL and both NPL and THR are more gentle than Laser Hair Removal(LHR) therefore associates with less pain but more treatments are required and the results are also gentle and not as long lasting as LHR(Alex/Yag).


LHR(Laser Hair Removal-ALEX/YAG) vs SHR vs IPL vs NPL vs THR

Laser hair removal ,永久脱毛 ,IPL hair removal,Brazilian bikini laser,
Organic laser hair removal,医療系レーザー脱毛,VIO脱毛,永久脱毛,
Organic laser hair removal,医療系レーザー脱毛,VIO脱毛,永久脱毛,
Laser hair removal prices, Safe hair removal, Laser hair removal for dark skin tone, Laser hair removal for tanned skin,レーザー脱
Laser hair removal, Brazilian bikini laser, Gentle hair removal, Cynosure Elite laser, Cryo cooling system
Laser hair removal ,永久脱毛 ,IPL hair removal,Brazilian bikini laser,

Our approach is Holistic in all the treatments. 

We believe that MIND, BODY, SPIRIT in balance lead to optimal beauty. 

When you feel no pain in the body, your spirit would be uplifted, your mind would be clear and your skin would glow.


We formulate and create most of the skincare products in house from the makeup remover to the post-treatment serum as well as the sanitizer and the disinfectant used in the salon avoiding the use of unnecessary harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives that are unhealthy to both humans and the planet.  . 

The ingredients are carefully researched and sourced from privately owned organic clean beauty suppliers who generally work directly with organic small-batch farmers. We take pride in our exceptional quality and freshness. 

We produce the purest CBD extract in Colorado with the same ethic using the finest/purest organic seed, full spectrum CBD blended in organic hemp seed oil and use it for our massage and facial treatments. Also offer custom serum that tailor each clients skin types/condition both with or without CBD. Exclusively available for our clients upon request.

We specialize in female concern at our salon and kindly ask gentlemen to have a referral from our clients.

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