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Reset your body,  Relax your spirit,  Revitalize your beauty

Close up of face pack of chandan or sand

Ayurvedic Botanical Facial

Aromatherapeutic Sculpting/manual lymph drainage massage using organic oils+essential oils custom blended for each treatment, hot stone massage, head massage, deep cleansing with citric+rice+milk pouch, and flower/mineral masks carefully formulated using over 50 natural herbal ingredients to rejuvenate dull, sluggish skin and restore healthy glow and well balance.

ingredients including: Herbs/Spices(Willow bark, Licorice, Green tea, Turmeric, etc), Grains(Chick pea powder, Barley, Oat, etc), Flower powders(Rose, Lavender, Hibiscus, Chamomile etc), Essential oils(Cypress, Frankincense, Rosemary, Lemon, etc).,

Ayurvedic botanical facial is the most comprehensive facial and relaxation that you will ever experience.

50 minutes(Cleanse & Lymph massage) 

$ 120   

$ 300(3 session package)

100 minutes(Total care facial) 

$ 180 

$ 480 (3 session package)

 First time 

$  90 / 50 min.

$ 150 / 100 min. 

Relaxing massage. Woman receiving head m

Holistic Head&Neck Therapy

Our signature Holistic Head therapy focuses on the area that's often ignored by most massage therapy - around Shoulder blade including Armpit, Upper arm, Neck, Decollete area, around the Ears, Jaw area, the Hairline, then to the Head. Front as well as the Back (may not be all depending on the condition & the length of the appointment).

While this works for facial rejuvenation, it doesn't include facial massage.

Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Reiki, Kikoh(Japanese energy work) are uniquely integrated in this Healing massage that relaxes muscle and nerve tensions, stiffness, stimulating lymph drainage head, neck, shoulder while revitalizing energy,

You will be physically and energetically rejuvenated with bonus of clearer vision/sinus and should also notice facial lift-up.

  • We use 100% Organic jojoba oil based botanic massage lotion and blends of carefully selected the purest quality organic essential oils for neck and shoulder.

  • Dry Head Massage - No Water/No Oil other than a trace of essential oils used for hair/scalp so it won't leave your hair greasy after the treatment.

  • Body robe is provided.

**Please note there is weight limit of 200 lbs due to the size of table

For More;

Holistic Head Massage

60 minutes
$ 120
$ 330 (3 session package)

75 minutes
$ 145
$ 400 (3 session package)

90 minutes
$ 165
$ 450 (3 session package)

FIRST TIME  $ 100/60Min.

Holistic Head Therapy

Hands-on Reiki Therapy

Chakra balancing hands-on energy healing for relaxation, deep sleep, de-stress, re-vitalize. 

For the condition that's hard to receive massage.

50 minutes
$ 100
$ 270 (3 session package)

FIRST TIME  $ 85/50Min.

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