Puresthetique Holistic & Laser

Located directly across Empire State building on Fifth Avenue in NYC, Puresthetique Salon is a small hidden gem for Clean beauty/Organic and gentle Laser/IPL Skincare.

Our approach is Holistic in all the treatments. 

We believe that MIND, BODY, SPIRIT in balance lead to optimal beauty. 

When you feel no pain in the body, your spirit would be uplifted, your mind would be clear and your skin would glow.


We formulate and create most of the skincare products in house from the makeup remover to the post-treatment serum as well as the sanitizer and the disinfectant used in the salon avoiding the use of unnecessary harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives that are unhealthy to both humans and the planet.  . 

The ingredients are carefully researched and sourced from privately owned organic clean beauty suppliers who generally work directly with organic small-batch farmers. We take pride in our exceptional quality and freshness. 

We produce the purest CBD extract in Colorado in the same ethic using the finest organic quality full spectrum CBD blended in MCT oil and use it for our massage and facial treatments. Also offer custom serum that tailor each clients skin types/condition both with or without CBD. Exclusively available for our clients upon request.

We specialize in female concern at our salon and kindly ask gentlemen to have a referral from our clients.


Japanese facial salon in nyc

A bit about the owner

Since 2007, I had dreamed to open a salon in a small Caribbean island that was known as a secret island back then.

A salon overlooking the ocean and some neighboring small islands

That has a small organic cafe on the side that offers healthy gluten free sweets and herbal teas,

and a little boutique that carries one of a kind clothing and accessories, hand made jewelries with healing gem stones.

And I'd offer slow and relaxing spa treatments that only use fresh natural sustainable ingredients from the island. 

I studied and got trained in NY, India and Japan since for all different techniques and philosophies from medical doctors and naturopathic doctors to shaman and energy healers. 

Many things happened since then and mostly due to some natural disasters hit Caribbean in 2017, my plan was no longer feasible there at the point and I ended up opening Puresthetique on Fifth Avenue in 2018. 

So, our menu consists of slow relaxing treatments that were originally created with the beautiful turquoise ocean view in the background in my mind.


And that is probably why when people walk into the salon, they feel immediately so drifted from the reality of being in the middle of Manhattan.  


2001-2008   Usui Reiki Level 1 to Master

2008   Ohashi Shiatsu beginner course completion diploma, Kudarini-Reiki Master, Sunshine Medical center certified laser tech(~ 2011)

2009   Japanese Ki-koh (Energy healing work) certificate

2011   NY State certified licensed Esthetician, Purest salon produced, therapist(~ 2018)

2013   South India, KAL Hospital certified Ayurveda beauty practitioner

2014   British Champissage massage course completion diploma

2015   Aromatherapy Cert.AT. level1

2018   Puresthetique opened

2019   CBD cosmetic formulation course diploma

Before all these, I have a degree in child education from Otsuma women's University in Japan.

Worked at a local elementary school as a swimming teacher in summer(I was a competitive swimmer as a junior).

Upon graduation, I landed at Apple computer Japan when the company just launched in Japan while Steve Jobs was working at Next in 1987-89.

My dream back then was to study art and design in London, but people at Apple suggested to go to NY instead and insisted that NY would be good for me and gave me information of how to prepare to go to NY, so that's how I came in NY in 1989. 

I attended FIT for 5 years while I was also involved in underground house scene as a show performer in the early 90's. 

Greatly influenced by the world renowned artists and designers and multi talents I met throughout those days, I shifted my interest to fashion and worked as a buying merchandiser to eventually a creative consultant for some international department stores and apparel trading companies including Saks Fifth Avenue between 1995 and 2004.

I stumbled a bit with fashion business after that, and using my secretary background from Apple, I worked at Lehman Brothers as secretary to CFO briefly till I moved onto textile designs.

Still hangin in the fashion industry as a consultant for some large Japanese companies, stressed out, a friend took me to Caribbean in early 2007.

Hardly ever traveled for pleasure besides a massive business trips until then, I started to travel since and began to learn about Mind, Body, Soul and Beauty. .