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Endospheres Therapy

In one of the largest aesthetic clinical studies, Endosphères showed to reduce the appearance of cellulite by 39% and had a 97.8% customer satisfaction rate. 

Endosphères is the latest technology for body contouring and wellness to reduce the appearance of cellulite and enhance lymphatic drainage. FDA registered treatment for whole body wellness, treating issues at their root cause.

The treatment is non-invasive with no downtime, it feels like a very good massage. 

Endosphères is a safe, soothing, non-invasive treatment that utilizes a patented compressive micro-vibration technology to deliver 5 synergistic actions to the body and face; reduction in the appearance of cellulite, activation of blood and lymphatic circulation, reduction in minor aches and pains, and toning of the skin and muscle.

Pain relief

Stimulates Mechanoreceptors resulting endorphins release and pain signals are blocked - which helps reducing inflammation, minor muscle aches, pains.

vital to athlete who wants to increase flexibility and promote faster recovery

Cellulite Reduction

Improved micro circulation increases oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells and helps stimulate collagen production. This helps rebuild foundation under the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Activate Circulation

Peculiar honeycomb disposition of the spheres induces pressures and lifts on the tissures thus allowing a temporary improvement of local blood circulation.

Restore homeostasis and aid in injury prevention.

Muscle Toning

A continuous and protracted tense action, allowing the fibers to lengthen, temporary improves the muscle structures without causing any damage to capillaries and lymphatic ducts.


Enhancing lymphatic drainage through the pulsed, rhythmic action induced by the direction of the rotating cylinder. Restore balance in the tissues of the body which leads to decreased inflammation and pain.

Boost Immunity

Immunity boost through increased white blood cell activity.

Increase in oxygenation, nutrient absorption, & hormone distribution.


Clinically proven

Backed by 7 years of Clinical research, proved effective in PT, Injury Rehabilitation, sports medicine. In clinical observations of 656 patients, Endospheres improved cellulite by 39% and had a 97.8% satisfaction rating.

100% Non Invasive & No Downtime

It's a non-surgical and 100% safe, works deeply within muscle both relaxing and toning that causes no side effects

Patented & FDA approved

Endospheres Therapy is patented and manufactured by Fenix Group in Italy.  Be wary of Counterfeit system under the names such as SPHERE THERAPY, BEAUTY SPHERE, or Endoroller, etc. These are non FDA registered "FAKE" system made in China and illegal to sell and use.


How often should Endosphères treatments be performed?

It's recommended to perform Endosphères treatments 1-2 x per week for a minimum of 6 sessions.

How quickly will I see results?

You’ll start to notice results from your first treatment.

Once treatments are completed, how long do the results last?

The duration of the results* obtained always depends on certain circumstances, such as your physical condition and your future lifestyle factors. By following a healthy lifestyle, results can last up to six months, although it’s strongly recommended that you receive maintenance cycles to ensure that results are even more stable and lasting.

How does the maintenance cycle work?

The maintenance cycle includes two sessions per month for the first three to four months. At the end of this period the sessions reduce to one per month. 

Is it painful?

Some clients may find Endosphères mildly uncomfortable, while others find it quite pleasant. This depends on fluid stagnation and fibrous tissue and will vary from client to client. The method was devised precisely to avoid pain. The sensitivity of the tissues in your skin will gradually decrease over the course of a single treatment and the subsequent sessions of the cycle.



  • Not help to reduce Fat, only tones body

  • lose weight, a proper diet & regular exercise is necessary

  • work with acne, tends to flare up, better wait till heals

  • work with Implant, recent Botox, recent Surgery, Pregnancy, severe Varicose veins

  • Reduce Cellulite

  • Tighten Muscle

  • Lymphatic Draignage

  • Enhance Circulation

  • Reduce Pain

  • De-puff and De-stress

  • Smooth Skin

  • Reduce wrinkles

Before & After


<Full Body> 
60 minutes  

$ 180   

(First time) $ 150   


45 minutes  

$ 140  

(First time) $ 120  

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