Understanding The Skin – and Choosing Holistic Treatment Options

When you do medical research, you sometimes find out how the skin is the largest organ in the body, and intuitively, that makes sense, but we don't often think about what this means for holistic health treatments.

At Puresthetique Holistic and Laser, we help customers to understand the options that they have in promoting holistic health and wellness, and navigating the body’s complex anatomy and systems. That’s part of our process of creating great services for those who want to benefit from some of the best advances in new body science.

Dealing With Toxins

One thing to think about, when you consider your health and beauty regimen, is the impact of toxins on the skin. While we tend to think pretty carefully about toxins that we take internally and digest, we sometimes don't think as much about the topical impact of various elements on the skin, which actually absorbs quite a bit of topical materials. When you understand that the majority of many of these toxins can be taken in through the skin, you think about things a little differently.

We want to create public awareness of what’s in a person’s best interests in a health and beauty plan. That's part of our approach in helping clients to maintain the right choices in terms of skincare.

High-tech Nanosystems

Nanotechnology has given us various products and services, including anti-aging treatments and systems that can advance holistic medicine by building on the available science along with nanotechnology applications. One example is the range of topical products developed with nanotechnology approaches. There’s sunscreen research, which makes use of some nanotech, but there are other kinds of projects that fall into this category as well.

By understanding how nanotechnology works in the healthcare field, we can, again, help guide clients toward the right treatments and solutions for their needs.

Therapeutic Massage and Other Services

Here's another aspect of our therapeutic services to think about, in addition to our topical skin services – the power of aromatherapy is often discounted, but still applicable to how we feel on a day to day basis, and that’s a good thing to consider when you’re looking at your plans for holistic health treatments.

The power of aromatherapy to deal with stress and other conditions sometimes goes relatively unnoticed. We promote this as part of our platform of therapeutic health management.

Come in to Puresthetique Inc. and let us show you around! We have Reiki, aromatherapy, facial lymph drainage, and holistic scalp massage. There’s a lot to read about, and a lot to think about, and a lot to choose from!


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