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Save the Planet, Save Your Skin with Holistic Skincare

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

From mascara and foundation to face wash and shampoo, the daily beauty products we use are packed with toxic ingredients, including known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Our skin is our largest organ, absorbing more than 80% of what’s applied topically. And, most people in the beauty industry are just now realizing that what we put onto our skin is just as important as what we put into our bodies.

Due to low regulations, most beauty products are loaded with chemicals and ingredients that create hormone disruption, dryness, irritation and even accelerate aging. To name a few:

· Parabens

· Phthalates

· PEGs

· Ethanolamine’s

· Chemical sunscreen

· Synthetic fragrance



As a holistic skin care practice in New York, we care about your health as much as your skin. We look at the root cause of skin imbalances, not just the symptoms, and use our skin care, herbal remedies and treatments to heal the body, resulting in beautiful and healthier-looking skin both immediately and over time.

Save Your Skin - Holistic Facial & Holistic Head Facial

Several people write off facials as too expensive or unnecessary. However, any adult with blemished skin will tell you that a facial is an introduction to a whole new world of wellness treatments. Clean facials use products that are free of carcinogenic or toxic ingredients and made from mixture of safe synthetic ingredients and plants. Not to be confused with organic facials that uses only plant-derived products, zero synthetic ingredients, zero animal testing.

At Puresthetique, we offer holistic facials that contain the same principles as a regular facial in that a routine of cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and the application of a facial mask and moisturizing is followed. Yet it takes a holistic approach concentrating on the person as a whole and not just what skin type that person has. In many of our services, we take it a step further. Whereas regular facial concentrate on your face, our special facials focus on the head and scalp as well as lymph drainage system.

The inflammation and stiffness in your scalp can cause many diseases, as well as aging, sagging skin, wrinkles, and distortion. Your head, neck, and shoulders all play a part in how the circulation flows to your face.

Save the Planet – Chemicals from Beauty Products Harm the Planet

We all hear terrible things about chemicals destroying not only our bodies but the planet as well, but a lot of us don’t really understand how. Our herbalists are often asked how exactly do chemicals harm us and the planet in ways that natural ingredients don’t?

Unlike natural ingredients, synthetics that are produced in a lab and not extracted from nature are not all are created equally. Certain synthetics are unquestionably bad for our skin and the environment because they promote inflammation, pollute our waterways and present danger of toxicity. Examples of these synthetics are:

· Silicones

· Formaldehydes

· Artificial fragrance and dyes

· Unsafe preservatives like parabens and phenoxyethanol

· Animal-derived ingredients

These chemicals and more used in beauty products are washed into rivers, lakes, and streams. This not only affects our aquatic systems but also harms aquatic species and diminishes animal plankton populations. Chemicals such as triclocan have also been linked to genetic mutations in plant and animal plankton and amphibians.

This is just a tiny portion of how chemicals from beauty products affect our skin, health, and environments. We should absolutely be more cautious about what we use on our skin, which is why we offer a variety of holistic, clean skin care services. At Puresthetique, we use more natural and organic ingredients in our custom crafted skincare, minimizing the use of cosmetic products that contain harmful chemicals such as preservatives for all of our treatments including Laser hair removals.

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