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with Plants and Light Technology.

We are a Clean Beauty salon with Holistic approach

You probably hear "Holistic approach"  often these days....
but What is "it" anyway?

Holistic means Whole not Partial so
there're at least 3 elements -Mind, Body, Soul

Mind, Body, Soul are all interconnected so not just body but mind and soul are equally important to take care of for optimal health and beauty

How we do it?
With multiple sensory stimulations  -
Relaxation(mind), Touch(body), Aroma or Sounds(soul)

And What is "Clean Beauty"?

Clean Beauty, in short is an ethical movement to
protects the health of human and the environment/planet
by using Sustainable and non toxic ingredients.

At Puresthetique we hand craft most of our products in house and some at a local organic small-batch manufacturer,
from make-up remover to post care serum as well as disinfectant adhering to Clean Beauty standard.  

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